A disappointing end to the session, but we are not defeated

Posted 07/26/2017

At the end of June, the General Assembly adjourned without voting on legislation to legalize marijuana. Instead, lawmakers approved a bill to establish a 19-person study commission on the issue. 
While we are frustrated and disappointed that we did not receive a vote on a real legalization bill, we remain more determined than ever to end the failed policy of marijuana prohibition. 
In the coming weeks, Regulate RI will be unveiling our plans for the remainder of 2017. While the legislature’s study commission will rehash the same debate asking if marijuana should be legalized, we will move forward by facilitating a more useful discussion about how marijuana should be legalized and regulated. 
We are confident that it is only a matter of time before adults will be able to legally purchase marijuana without fear of punishment in the Ocean State. Although we were unsuccessful this year, the days of marijuana prohibition are numbered. 
We are so grateful for our supporters' persistent and unyielding support. It is thanks to hundreds of grassroots advocates around the state that we have come so far. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s get ready to come back in 2018 even stronger.